Friday, September 08, 2006

Activists planned to protest naked in Singapore foiled

Two animal rights activist, Jason Baker and Ashley Fruno had planned to protest naked outside a KFC restaurant with only a banner that reads “Naked Truth: KFC torture chicks”. They are later tracked down, interrogate for hours before the authority ask them to leave Singapore for good. (Link)

I believe they would be blacklist indefinitely in Singapore. The couple previously protested in Bangkok.

Why they wear clothes in other protest but not here? Singaporean might mistake for a sales promotion huh? Or Singapore weather too warm huh?

RSAF open house visit revisit

Our RSAF open house visit photos update.
I just got them uploaded to flickr -> take a look
or see the slideshow here.

And off course, my Chinese post about this event.

Singapore zoological garden to move Inuka the polar bear

Those of you who like to watch the polar bear in Singapore zoo, now maybe a good time to bring your children for a revisit. Sheba the mother bear is 29 years old and soon after she dies, her child Inuka will be move to Germany. News. (Link)

Singapore zoological garden will no longer take in any new polar bear.

Make a trip down, let you child say farewell and watch the final glory of this big white beast. I am sure in the next new month; the place is going to have an increase in polar bear admirer.

Singapore is not a police state lah!

IMF external relations director Masood Ahmed said Singapore is a police state, which means we are rule by dictators, and under constant repression from secret police, like the Nazi.

Very nasty remarks leh! IMF, but because they are rich, so they can anyhow criticize.

They also said Singapore Number 1 friendly nation to start and run a business, thanks hor! but I don't understand, are they saying Singapore is a police state because we are friendly, or we are friendly because our dictatorship rule?

Thursday, September 07, 2006

George Yeo is one of us too

This probably was no longer news, but did someone warn the man or not? Blogging is pretty addictive leh! and it may well hinder his political career also.

If you haven't read about his post, go read it.

I read through the comments and found out, to my shocking, that both MM Lee and him are Virgo, that changes all my view about that sign. You ask me? I cannot say it here hor, wait kena sue leh!

But you know lah, Virgo, as in 处女座.

Straits Times Stomp stomp you with "hot chick"

Straits Times Stomp blog/podcast/chapalan website, the tech chick that do the blog is better than the average one you see in Geylang, really! (Link)

and hor! listen to her podcast..... now you know why I never want to have one myself. Hold your mouth while you listen hor?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Fat hope at RSAF open house

At first I thought if I stand there and wait, a yellow top C130 will fly pass, then we can flag down the metal wing and fly home. Wait long long hor!

Sunbath day: RSAF open house

We went to the open house on 2nd Sep.
Off course, you know, only the children got to enjoyed the most. Wife and I barely make it under the hot sun.

There are two things we love though, the air performance and, Apache.

I decided to write up a Chinese one about this, watch here.