Friday, May 04, 2007

Reach our gahmen via their forum site. Ya, right! of mine informed me about this gahmen site to reach out evybirdy. Great effort hor, dun you think so? I wonder how many of their people are active there. (Link) Here you go, I give you this great link you oredi hor.

Can't wait to see thread starts by JW, UC, Falun lah.

Geeky breakfast with keyboard waffle

Keyboard WaffleNow, this makes you a true computer nerd. Lets throw in a mouse ice-cream also. (Link)

Thursday, May 03, 2007

KamaSutra Furniture

KamaSutra FurnitureYoung couples, check those martial art's names out. I bet no one would know even if you put one of this set at home. Just don’t invite me to your place. And, also don't mention hidden dragon and crouching tiger in front of me. (Link)

I am quite enlightened, actually.


Someone may tell you to look at how children reflected the selfish side of Human by not sharing. In fact, as they grow up, they are destiny to own the universe. The first Human nature you experience in child is not self center.

I like to call this ownership, the sense of becoming true lover to our world.

All the sweets belong to them. Treat them well.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Sex toy shop open at Sim Lim Square

Ah, kinky stuffs. They raided and closed down few nearby massage parlors but allow this to be open here. I guess now geek shopper has more variety to choose from, and look at. Those thingies are quite catchy, I tell ya. Go and have a look.