Friday, April 21, 2006

Man, inspired to save earth, vows to plant 1 million trees

LIFE - Lasallian Institute For the Environment was founded by Bienvenido Eusebio on 2003, currently working tirelessly in seeking volunteer for their ambitious project.
Mr Bienvenido Eusebio, now 70 years of age, and his organizatiom has vows to two hundred thousand trees per year, and in five years time, one million.

What does a man gain from a million trees planted and the global warming delayed?

He probably has the answer and vision to drive the project, and this is such a worthy cause that I think many would flock to support, hope I am not wrong. (Link)

Good Luck! Mr Eusebio. (Link)


100 Science facts to blow your mind out

6. Every year over one million earthquakes shake the Earth.

34. An electric eel can produce a shock of up to 650 volts.

40. A pig's orgasm lasts for 30 minutes.

77. Every hour the Universe expands by a billion miles in all directions.

93. A dog's sense of smell is 1,000 times more sensitive than a humans.

Read more........ (Link)

For him, 2 thousand years too late.

I have stumble across this web site with a fasinating theme.
We believe and accept Jesus Christ as a Messiah and Saviour of mankind, great! So what they should call themselves now? Christian Jews or Jews Christian?

Whatever, History is history.

Who send Jesus to the cross 2 thousand years ago? God, the Romans or the Jews?

I suppose all 3 of them are also responsible. God, has planned to save mankind by sending his only son to the cross so through the blood that Christ shed, all believer can be save. The Romans, in response to the mass wishes to crucify Jesus, did it according to the people will. The Jews? They also has done nothing wrong by denouncing Christ, because everything is predestined, the prophecy have to be fulfill.

Not even a speck here, everything goes according as planned.

So, bottom line, it is OK that you don’t believe and accept the Messiah, God know and this is part of his planned anyway.

(Link) to Jewish for Jesus, who should be at the Calvary Hill.


Instead of I call you, it is I electrocuted you

Soon Motorola phone will have a new feature, instead of vibration, it is electrocution.
While many not do see how it will take off, I beg to different.
For example, it can act like a Voodoo curse, someone you don't like? pick up a public phone and start dialing, that bloody stupid XX xxx, I know your MP number.

Cannot wakeup in the morning despite of superior grade alarm clock? Just attach the phone to you arse sensitive body part via a wire and zap! zap! I guarantee it will work better than Osim UZap.

No detonator? No problem, my Motor phone can do the trick, a good option for James Bond and Al Qaeda.

I think we can also do away with electric chair, hooray for Humanity!

I propose a new name, we can call it MZap 2007. (Link)


Kissing in public is against the law in India

If you cannot spare US$15 or so, please refrain yourself from kissing in the public on India street, even if you just got married.
How about my kids? duh! If my boy kisses me at a temple, can I pay you US$11 on the spot to allow that? Can I pay once for multiple kiss? Or I might as well pay at your custom, because I really can't stop myself from expressing love to my family.

Maybe your country should start a kissing tax policy, every tourist visitor that pass through will pay a US$50 for expressing love to their love one. (Link)

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Learn to cook while surfing with Google.

Another useful services by Google, many of internet user are talking about this right now, do not miss the "Recipes", they are simply salutary. (Link)

Map gallery of Religion distribution in USA

The site has many of the Religion resident living in America according to percentage.
They are Christian, Presbyterian, Catholic, Mormon and even Muslim.

Quite useful, I felt, because if you plan to go or live in that certain area for a long duration, it is good to be aware of your neighbourhood.This is also specially useful for those rac**t, who cannot stand people of other faith.

I would very much like to suggest Singapore to have map like this, not only it is a nifty information for urban development planning, but imagine how useful it will be to have such intelligent before ah... let say, a Political campaign.

Not to mention others. (Link)


Singapore to display World's largest tethered helium balloon

This French made balloon, approved and certified as aircraft, will go up to 40 stories high and takes 40 people 12 hours to get it up.

A great view for Singapore tourist attraction, the balloon cost 2 million Singapore dollars, will be known as the DHL balloon. (Link)

I believe this tethered helium was made by Computer Land Balloon, which web site seem unable to access for now.

Once I have a good picture, I'll update here.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Da Vinci quest extravaganza for all internet user

Google has started this sound like very fun and exciting internet extravaganza.
The idea was to get you invlove in couples of thousand puzzles, which will be link with a main theme, and finally, through a interwind and complex storyline that you would discover yourself being a part of.

As Data would say: "Sound intriguing"

It is only available for US, UK and Aus for now, hope Google can include more country option.

Meeting of two extreme persona

I can still roughly remembered that my Mum use to tell me, please find a girl with my same character, so that my marriage would be blissful and full of joy.
Wrong Mum! But who ever listen to their Mum anyway, she said keep your purity before marriage, you end up pregnant first, she said stay out of trouble, you end up losing your soul……

That is the different case with nature; the universe never defiles its own law.

This is a picture of two extreme gravity planets about to collide into each other, what happen then, before they become one, the emit such beautiful graviton wave pattern that is only meaningful to Human eyes, and then they become a greater entity. (Link)

The only contradictory “things” here is us.


Top 10 earning pharmaceutical firm

Genetic Engineering News reveals the top 10, for investor information:

1. Pfizer. (no Figure)
2. Johnson and Johnson (JNJ:NYSE, $171.53 bn)
3. GlaxoSmithKline (GSK:NYSE, $149.61 bn)
4. Sanofi Aventis (SNY:NYSE, $114.53 bn)
5. Novartis (NVS:NYSE, $111.37 bn)
6. Merck and Co. (MRK:NYSE, $76.44 bn)
7. AstraZeneca (AZN:NYSE, $73.36 bn)
8. Abbott Labs (ABT:NYSE, $67.70 bn)
9. Wyeth (WYE:NYSE, $67.17 bn)
10. Eli Lilly and Co. (LLY:NYSE, $63.53 bn)


Smoking facts are so heavy

I overheard this conversation at a bus stop.

"The docter said that every cigarette you take shorten your life by 5 minutes." "How true!"
"But hor! if someone smoke 1 packet daily(20 sticks), then every 3 days he would burn away 1 day, right?"
"How can that be true! if.................."

The bus is here, so I didn't get the full conversation.

And if you think by accumulating tar in you lung doesn't shake you, than perhaps this will:

Scientist has just discovered other than nicotine, there are also 3 kinds of cancer causing pesticides, use for killing human, not insect, contain within this "heaven stick".

Might as well take a sip of baygon each day hor! (Link) via LiveScience


Riddle of the Lamp - 目空一切




If you know the answer, I will send you a picture related to this Chinese word.

Hint: Read at the photo.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

People Critics: King of the Ocean

Despite of all the negative publicity, controversial opinion and "not so good" view points from various religion groups, especially tratitional Christian and Catholic, The Rev Sun Myung Moon and his family were not only unshaken but continue to rise in their public profile.
Is it time for people to really study about the lifestyle and teachings of him?

Base on the research from the internet, there are still many critics relentlessly attacking him on a daily basis, according to my understanding, many of this people are like Moby Dick, like ex-member or people who love ones are or were in the organization.

Famous ones are Steve Hassan and Craig Maxim, who claim that they know some much about the church that they leave it for good. They now become the greatest critics and cult exit expert, but they have their own critics too.

Even in the news group, there are few critics, Robboy being the most enthusiastic hunter, constantly stalking the members in the ARU, as old as our old guards, I wonder whether he will live to see his will be done.

In spite of all the critics, Rev Moon is still able to make it to the main stream media. The most recent one – King of the Ocean has got some attention from the public, seem like people will soon start to really question what he is doing. (Link) via Chicago Tribune

For the most neutral view on the Unification Church. (Link) via Wikipedia

By far I know, the only nation in the world that ban the Unification Church aka HSA-UWC, is Singapore. (Link)

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How history would remember Mother Teresa

Or maybe how we will look at Paris Hilton in a different way......
Although I don't know so much about Mother Teresa, but how can it be right to put this two extremely different persona together?

That why I never trust when movie try to protray history or historical figure. When you see Mother Teresa, you think about the Creator, is there any notion of sex appeal?

Dumb idea! Mr T. Rajeevnath, but don't worry, surely my kids can tell how bad it could be. (Link)


Monday, April 17, 2006

The Pregnant Robot that teaches you everything about bearing a child

LiveScience: She carry the baby for the sake of the whole world.
Maybe not entirely true, but for the sake of the medical student at USA at least. She is lifelike and programmed for various complication of childbirth, sometimes in labour for few hours, sometimes deliver in a mere few minutes, she is very unpreditable.

Whats more, she will even give birth to a heathly pink looking baby doll after that. (Link)


Dirty tricks of our house gahmen

Since I learn to talk, Papa has told me that I can eat all the candy I want, whenever I want.
But look at what has he done, he secretly install a camera near the fridge, with this picture he interrogate me left right centre, and further more, he display my picture for the public to see, what a humiliation!

I know I am still young and shouldn't have eat too much, but you promise to be open and inclusive, didn't you?

Naughty Papa! Think I scare? You wait and see when I grow up. (Link)


New wine cannot pour into old wine skin

Any man who afflicts the human race with ideas must be prepared to see them misunderstood. - HL Mencken