Friday, April 21, 2006

For him, 2 thousand years too late.

I have stumble across this web site with a fasinating theme.
We believe and accept Jesus Christ as a Messiah and Saviour of mankind, great! So what they should call themselves now? Christian Jews or Jews Christian?

Whatever, History is history.

Who send Jesus to the cross 2 thousand years ago? God, the Romans or the Jews?

I suppose all 3 of them are also responsible. God, has planned to save mankind by sending his only son to the cross so through the blood that Christ shed, all believer can be save. The Romans, in response to the mass wishes to crucify Jesus, did it according to the people will. The Jews? They also has done nothing wrong by denouncing Christ, because everything is predestined, the prophecy have to be fulfill.

Not even a speck here, everything goes according as planned.

So, bottom line, it is OK that you don’t believe and accept the Messiah, God know and this is part of his planned anyway.

(Link) to Jewish for Jesus, who should be at the Calvary Hill.


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