Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Smoking facts are so heavy

I overheard this conversation at a bus stop.

"The docter said that every cigarette you take shorten your life by 5 minutes." "How true!"
"But hor! if someone smoke 1 packet daily(20 sticks), then every 3 days he would burn away 1 day, right?"
"How can that be true! if.................."

The bus is here, so I didn't get the full conversation.

And if you think by accumulating tar in you lung doesn't shake you, than perhaps this will:

Scientist has just discovered other than nicotine, there are also 3 kinds of cancer causing pesticides, use for killing human, not insect, contain within this "heaven stick".

Might as well take a sip of baygon each day hor! (Link) via LiveScience


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