Tuesday, April 18, 2006

People Critics: King of the Ocean

Despite of all the negative publicity, controversial opinion and "not so good" view points from various religion groups, especially tratitional Christian and Catholic, The Rev Sun Myung Moon and his family were not only unshaken but continue to rise in their public profile.
Is it time for people to really study about the lifestyle and teachings of him?

Base on the research from the internet, there are still many critics relentlessly attacking him on a daily basis, according to my understanding, many of this people are like Moby Dick, like ex-member or people who love ones are or were in the organization.

Famous ones are Steve Hassan and Craig Maxim, who claim that they know some much about the church that they leave it for good. They now become the greatest critics and cult exit expert, but they have their own critics too.

Even in the news group, there are few critics, Robboy being the most enthusiastic hunter, constantly stalking the members in the ARU, as old as our old guards, I wonder whether he will live to see his will be done.

In spite of all the critics, Rev Moon is still able to make it to the main stream media. The most recent one – King of the Ocean has got some attention from the public, seem like people will soon start to really question what he is doing. (Link) via Chicago Tribune

For the most neutral view on the Unification Church. (Link) via Wikipedia

By far I know, the only nation in the world that ban the Unification Church aka HSA-UWC, is Singapore. (Link)

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