Friday, April 21, 2006

Instead of I call you, it is I electrocuted you

Soon Motorola phone will have a new feature, instead of vibration, it is electrocution.
While many not do see how it will take off, I beg to different.
For example, it can act like a Voodoo curse, someone you don't like? pick up a public phone and start dialing, that bloody stupid XX xxx, I know your MP number.

Cannot wakeup in the morning despite of superior grade alarm clock? Just attach the phone to you arse sensitive body part via a wire and zap! zap! I guarantee it will work better than Osim UZap.

No detonator? No problem, my Motor phone can do the trick, a good option for James Bond and Al Qaeda.

I think we can also do away with electric chair, hooray for Humanity!

I propose a new name, we can call it MZap 2007. (Link)


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