Saturday, December 02, 2006

Sunbath day - Tribal outing

We went to the about to be Harry's island, and lostin took a break from blogging. See some of the photos here.

If only my mind is always that peaceful.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Teacher in Afghanistan torn into pieces by extremists

Terror is Afghanistan Mohammed Halim, defies Taliban order not to education women, was drag out off his house in front of his family. His 4 limbs was later tie to motorcycles and ripped apart. Parts of his body were on public display to strike terror into the heart of those who go against them. (Link)

Mysterious drawings from commoner spark Scientists and Historians studies

Mysterious painting in ChinaA commoner woman in China has sudden inspiration and produces thousands of interesting geometric painting, she was then invited to explain her works because of its profound meaning, nothing like a professor of 10 over years experience could comprehend.

During the presentation, she speaks in fluent foreign tongue which later identify by speech expert to be a combination of many different languages. 谷丫is an uneducated peasant woman who could not understand it either.

Many experts from various field like Religion, Humanity, Social and History was being invited to decode her paintings. (Link)

MuRata robot boy cycles better than you and I do

MuRata Robot boyDevelopers of MuRata robot boy claim that it will not fall on its own; the robot can even cycles backward with obstacles, stop steadily while traversing on a narrow log which human can’t. Presently there are only 3 MuRata boys available. (Link)

Real black swan fell in love with a swan like paddle boat

Swan“Black Peter” name of the love sick black swan even refuses to take off to south for winter without his lover. Zoo and the boat owner has to make special arrangement for the couples to be together. (Link)

Thursday, November 30, 2006

China executed leader of cult Christian group and his 11 followers

Xu ShuangFuXu Shuangfu, leader and founder of the Three Grades of Servant Church, was put to death by China authority. They were formally charge under murder and conspire to murder members of rival religious group.

Microsoft Firefox 2007!

MS Firefox 2007
Maybe you do; maybe you don’t, now go and find out about the parody. Don’t miss the video and the Takeover Technology. (Link)

Digital clock animated by Flickr images tag

Via Life Hacker, and Waxy
Flickr Digital ClockA clock that is fun and cool, watch how the images come into place when the time change, required fast internet connection. (Link)

65 million years old fossilized dinosaur nest and eggs for sale

65 millions years ol fossilAlthough now second handed with current American owner; but it is still rare and the first time it is on sale, the price is expected to be two hundreds thousands dollars. (Link)

lostin greeting to friends from Canada

My thanks to a visitor from Canada, you have come to my blog for 3 days consecutively, and each time you read every update I have, although I am curious about your present, but nevertheless you are most welcome here.

Please leave your precious comments, or any improvement you think I can make.

Zimbabwe army proposed consolidated mobile phone gateway for security purpose

ZimbabweThe authority of Zimbabwe thinks that having 3 mobile gateway provider is too much, it is a hazard to national security. In CNet news they say,

"We want to listen, to make sure the nation is safe. If we liberalize the gateways then it means there would be a group of people who would communicate without our knowledge,"

(Link) and (Link)

A good example for countries that wanted to restrict liberty locally. That makes me wonder is our communication moniter here? I think I can never find out.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Youtube - Crying game

If we were all as smart as this toddler.....

We would not have any problem in life.

US airline refused to let 6 Muslim elders board the plane

And then, when the six Imams try to use/buy tickets once more from the company, their purchase were rejected and told that the money will be refund. They believe this is religion discrimination. (Link)

Update: Airline spokesman says that those Imams were sitting in a formation similar to 911 attack, they also raise further suspicion by making some peculiar move. The airline standby their decision was correct.

Pinnacle’s free talks on movie making

You can go if you are interested, I am….at work. (Link)

Lethal Polonium-210 can be bought safely online for $69

Chemical that poison the former Russian spy, is selling legally at United Nuclear Scientific Equipment & Supplies for $69. Polonium-210 is a kind of chemical that emits deadly alpha particles. (Link)

Don’t know what are more scary; Nuclear substances that can be bought anywhere? Or every smoker is lighting one when they smoke?

Point note: Polonium-210 can also be found in tobacco.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Cambodia dispatches hundreds of police to smite kite flyer

Via KI Media
Kite protestHundred members of the AFEC, was met by numerous riot police when they tried to fly kites, to support an event with a motto: “Without wind, kite cannot fly, without freedom of expression, society cannot progress.” Nobody was hurt in the incident. (Link)

The government of Cambodia later gives one of the lamest excuses you ever heard.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Christ manifested on factory's floor after rain storm

apparition of JesusIf you have followed my blog closely, you know I usually won’t miss this, unless off course some A-lister beats me to it. Although technically none has ever seen Jesus in person, Religious like minded would always like to imagine their ‘lord’ show himself when they see a ghostly image. (Link)

As I have always stressed, you see what you believe.

Let see how many ‘Jesus’ have I collected,

1. Image of “Jesus” on potato chip
2. Dog’s backside pattern that resemble the image of Jesus
3. Images of Jesus pickup in an baby ultrasound scan
4. MRI image of Jesus Christ
4. think of what and you see what

believe whatever you want.

New traffic light food system to help Singapore’s kids fights obesity

unhealthy foodWah piang! Even food also have a can go cannot go signal one huh! Green light means healthy food and red means bad food huh? I recommend they also put an orange light, which means eat at you own risk, gahmen is not responsible. (Link)

Edible cotton technology may help solve world hunger

edible cottonScientist recent genetically engineering cotton renders the plant non toxic, the technology behind the finding can also leads to research that makes other toxic plant edible. New Scientist have the full report. (Link)

Ending hunger? I can’t wait too see it, but will those “humane” scientist freely share this technology with the needy nation, or they just hold it until someone pays the highest price?

Cool ballista range weapon made of wood

Wooden ballista BowWhile I was Googleing war machine, I stumble upon this wooden bow that any kid would go crazy to own one. I would also love to get hold of one before my teeth start to give way. (Link)

Geek's gadget and toys for the infantile

From ThinkGeek
Desktop War MachineLook at this catapult, trebuchet and ballista, infantile and totally worth collecting, this suddenly makes me want to click on the order button. I usually become very weak when tempted with such beautiful toys. (Link)

Other than this, also check out the USB Chiller, ST Phaser, Thinking Putty and more than a dozen geeky stuffs for your Christmas wishlist.

Youtube’s choir of complaints from Europe

Complaints ChoirVia Singapore blogger Charissa, there is Birmingham, then follow by Helsinki and Hambur, these groups of complainers vent their unhappiness through song and spread messages to the like minded, interesting! (Video)

Russia self made underwater vehicle

Personal Submarine
Via Make blog and English Russia, they call it personal submarine, another DIY vehicle that intrigues me. The Sub is leg paddle and battery powered, fascinating! (Link)

25 thousands gathered to receive Pope in Turkey

Pope welcome partyOver 90% of Turkey is Islam, which were very unhappy with remarks Pope Benedict had made regarding Muslim. Whatever it is, he has to face thousands of upset Turkish people, whom demand apologize. (Link)

Few thousand police men and armored car are dispatch to maintain order, or maybe to fire at the Pope?

Have you notice how the photo was taken to look more like a welcoming party?

Sunday, November 26, 2006

China QGBS charity site by the beggar sect

QGBS siteThe site have recently raise some controversial, some question whether the site is genuine, and some question the charity attribute of the site. Web master of the site claims that they are real. China Authority has not determined whether the site is legal or not. (Link)

Donate? Or else go listen to their nostalgic music.

Advertisement that violate all principle of advertisement

Click to enlargeI spotted this behind Yishun MRT, the only part that is readable is a telephone number, which I refrain from calling. Let mystery remains a mystery.

Click on image to enlarge if you are interested.

Sunbath day - Unusual bright sun

SunBathThis is the worst week I have this year. Why is he still shinning so brightly?