Friday, March 09, 2007

Photo of world biggest cyber café

World Largest Net CafeHuge huh? I cannot confirm whether this is a net café or whatever it is, but to gather so much people going online together is a task to be reckoned with. China? Anyone?

Super close Google earth zoom may sparks controversy

Google earth super close up zoomLook at this ultra close screen shot from Google earth, impressive, right. How about select one suspected military site, like one with missile silo, naval yard and try to do this trick, not so impressive anymore, military organization should very concern. (Link)

AI: Amphibious robot switches between sea and land

Salamander  robotA salamander like robot that was able to transit motion of crawling into swimming seamlessly was developed by Iguana robotics, USA. This means the robot crawl on legs as usual and immediately changes to swimming motion once it touches the water. (Link) Hard for Human to imagine how hard could that be.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Profound wisdom in simple Manga

家庭主夫录I discovered this little jewel not long ago. The comic is about a husband discovered his wife’s blog(diary) after she passed away. Her diary contains every details of their family daily life, from how to wash clothes to what are the habits of each family member. Husband rediscovers heart, passion and wisdom of his wife through her book, and found courage to carry his family forward, a simple comic with warm humanistic touch.

Senz new unbreakable umbrella shaped like stealth fighter

Senz Unbreakable UmbrellaIf you are so incline to go outdoor on stormy day, you may feel comfort to know that Senz claims unbreakable. It can withstand wind force of up to 10, provided that you are still on the ground. Other than that, Senz is as stylish as it is high tech. (Link)via Popgadget

RIP, Captain America, age 66

Captain America died!The hero of big America was shot and killed by sniper when he leaves a courthouse in his last book. Is this the end of the great America Princple (大美国主义). (Link)

Math game gets popular in Singapore Pri School

StrategimaRaynor introduces me to the game. First, players stick out their hands with two index fingers. Player take turn to hit each other’s finger with theirs, every hit sum up the numbers of finger on the receiving side, when it reaches five, a hand is play out. Last player with finger left wins the game.

Player can uses one turn to hit his/her own finger, killing own self or equally distribute fingers among 2 hands even if he/she is left only with one.

This is a quiet game involves simple math, fast reflexes and strategy thinking, fun and exciting. As many as 4 to 5 players can participate for increase fun.

Raynor said the game was “Chopstick”, I rather it is name “Strategima” from TNG.

Anyone can shed some light on this game.

Update: Tstar says,
"This game isn't new... i played it when i was in primary school... and that was some 10 years ago. "

Thanks! still this game is quite good for pri student, it is like a carrot soup for the brain.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Picture and description of an upside down rainbow

Day Arc
An inverted rainbow is actually not a rainbow. It is an astronomy phenomena. Follow the link to get full explanation. (Link)

Molecular structure of caffeine on a mug

Caffeine MugWho know by drinking coffee, we put something that complex into our stomach? This mug also serves to remind us everything else is made of molecule, subject to chemical reaction. (Link)via ThinkGeek

Waseda’s two-legged robotic arm chair

Two-legged robotic chairThis stair-climbing gadget by Waseda University is as cool as cucumber soup, soon you will see gadget like this built for disable as well as lazy Human. However, who cares your accusation when one is sitting on kool robot like this. Your Mummy cannot buy this for your, kids! (Link)

Via Engadget, watch the video.

Russia journalist fell to death after national weapon story

Ivan SafronovRIP, Ivan Safronov, retire senior military officer and journalist that did many inside story about the country’s military. His death is suspected to relate to story he did about some national weapon deal that embarrassed the country. (Link)

Update: Russia is second in the world in Journalist's death, it should be no surprise to many people.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Accidental porn suggestion from Teletubbies video

Porn in TeletubbiesA 15 seconds Youtube clip of famous kid’s celebrity suggested some kinky oral act and gay staff. I know the purple character Tinky Winky has had some bad reputation back then, so if this clip receives some more bad review, Teletubbies name is as good as trash. Parents take heart! (Video)

Earthquake rant from an insignificance Singaporean

I called wife at woodland, she told me three separate tremors were felt. She is nursing Ruth and hardly notice. Each vibration lasted from 5~15 seconds.

Another interesting experience from my friend’s wife, she thought it was her dizziness but not the quake.

I, on the other hand, felt nothing at eastern end. My office passes the day eventless. What a shame!

I say to myself, it is just a few second of tremor, no big deal. Why Singaporean reacted with such excitement? Like never see the python pee like that.

China Mysteriously block Live Journal again

Live JournalChina has previously blocked, then unblocks, then blocks again one of Internet most popular blogging tools. About 1.8 million netizens was unable to access to LiveJournal’s blog from Monday. (Link) I believe there will be lots of speculation, mostly like corrupted practices, too many people in charge lead to confusion, etc, but China need not answer to anyone.

Amazing sea squirt regenerate whole body with mere fragment

Sea SquirtAccording to NewScientist report, sea squirt can restore their whole body in 2 weeks with just fragment of their body part. You can cut them up into hundred pieces and they each regenerate into a full-grown squirt, becoming a colony. With such amazing survival characteristic, I wonder why they never dominate Earth. (Link)

Photos of Russia Electric powered truck

Truck by electric powerVia EnglishRussia, photographs of trucks powered by eco friendly electricity. They operate for about sixty years, before Human turn to more harmful fossil fuel powered vehicles. (Link)

Monday, March 05, 2007

Swiss Army accidentally invade neighbor country

Swiss ArmyThis is the blurriest case of military tradition I ever know. 170 Swiss soldiers wander across neighbor’s border while conducting a training exercise, spark an embarrassed diplomatic incident. It will be interesting how the Premier is going to explain this, the commander that leads the troop? God bless him! (Link)

King of pop officially a Muslim

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson, famous international performer and controversial celebrity, has just converted to Muslim, according to some Middle East’s source. It is said he is persuaded by his brother Jermaine after he return from Mecca.

Incredible footage of man at the mouth volcano eruption

Volcano EruptAlthough it is just a shadow, I am sure it is a Human. Imagine how he might have felt at that moment, and feel no more after that. The man is guess to be vaporized, and life can very fragile at times. (Link) via Mysterious Universe