Saturday, October 22, 2005

Friday, October 21, 2005

New breed, new spieces

The world's organism is disappearing at an alarming rate, and is not like everyday some new spieces is being discovered, so there is always a good reason to get excited when something new appear in our diminishing world.

Human will not evolve anymore, but I am always surpise at how our envoirnment changes into a more interesting place to explore, sometimes I feel that living in Singapore had rob me of this opportunity to be closer to nature.

So, I use internet to do virtual exploration, sort of like captain Picard in the cyberspace.

Nature is amazing, no matter how weird a creature may look, in the eye of human, our heart usually tell us it is beautiful.

Take a look at this funny looking frog, you know what I am thinking?

I love the sea and also the fish, so I google out this new speices fish, and for the photo, I give you this new hybrid fly.

Nature is a wonder, I personnel believe that it can heal mental wounds and open our heart.

lostin go west today

With so many pocket on the trouser I wear, I really feel like a cowboy today.
But I am not the ordinary "牛郎" hor! I am the expensive type.

KNN!! Internet is so dirty huh? better don't surf too long.


Last night while I am on my way home, I pass by the garden near my place, and as a habit I will sit on that wooden chair and enjoy my drink while observing people around there for a while, just to get my heart cool down before going back home.

But the wooden chair I usually sat on was not there anymore.

Suddenly a strange sensation over clouded me, HOW!?? I don't know what to do and stand there like stone for few minutes, I can't even explain that feeling, just feel... lost, no logical explaination.

Dependency leads to worry, and worry leads to fear.

Buddhism philosophy, very very true.

Greater Good

lostin is doing a fasting, for a higher purpose.

So that the whole world can live in peace and harmony, no hatred and no conflict.

So that people living in poverty and hunger can receive salvation.

So that people in this country can come to their senses.

BLAH!! all this are craps, lostin is but a small fly and nothing he said or do will change the world by even a bit.

Better focus on myself.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

can see cannot touch

Picture courtesy from well... whoever,
3M show off their super-dupa unbreakable security glasses in Vancouver.

I wonder what material is it made of?

quickly get leh!~ bery bery useful you know~

Lunch - we kill the twins

So cruel! you know how hard izzit to have twins or not?

Hey! Uncle give you a little bit extra you dowan and still complain, this is very precious one leh! Specially reserve for you.

"双喜! 双喜!"

I think har! we are going to have good luck today, faster go buy toto....
and than we can leave this place with no regret.

Huh!?? cannot meh?

Hong Kong kult

Better than this magazine, because I am a cult mah!
Read it and you know what I mean.
Hey! I don't receive any advertisement fee for this leh! but I say is good usually mean is good, especially when you are in IT line.

But take heart, inside have many "dirty tricks".

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

you cannot see my thumb without my thumb

Anyone know about this new tech buffalo clipdrive finger? I did a google and get all this, I never study Japanese, so cannot understand.

This look quite interesting, heard that it can secure your files by reading your thumb print.

Sound promising leh! it could well develop into some kind of electronic computer lock.

They cannot hike anymore?

I read or rather heard about now PTC have more "power", They can actually demand a fare hike... sorry! lower fare price in case of economic downturn leh!

They can meh? who are they? if they really can, respect them sia!

But dunno how long must wait? I think until my son 30 years old aslo no down er... fare down turn, because you know? economic good or bad also not me decide wat?

Someone said this quater how many how many percent, we layman how do know? You said good, good lor!

We just eat and sleep and dream and continue to pay our tax.

better than T T Durai

This cost about US $9000, it can like, suck your sh*t out using a vacuum engine attach to it, in case you have constipation.

No, it is not make of gold, but better than gold, they call aircraft alloy.

If my salary is about "peanut" size, I too, may consider getting one, help save water in Singapore you know, since our water is so sacred and expensive.

I also heard that there is a lady who got suck in and her *ahem* got stuck until the aircraft landed, really bad reputation for the airline.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Killzzz them

My shoe cabinet is infest with this pesky little insect, wife hate them very much, in fact is fear them, so............

I know lah this is not very envoirnment friendly, but it is super effective.

Who cares about any side effect of a policy as long as it work?


lets get'em! make sure they don't pest me anymore.

today the straits times

Blah blah blah, Yala, yala, you want to build you built already, no need to justify anymore, we know you will try your best to make the IR "works for us".

But as lostin has recall, he did not, and will never vote U.

Bradie hell! my next door played mahjong whole night again! Hey! gambling den is gambling den lah, no amount of flower and children playground is going to make otherwise.

Next time, lostin is going to call the police, they surppose to work for the people, no?

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Evil Palpatine step down

Who need the stupid lightsaber when you have so much power in hand? Who wants to turn to dark side if there is a light path?

Monday, October 17, 2005

Hang on! Jen!

This the mascot of a lady name Jenny. She is 30 years of age and stay in New England.

She was diagnosed with stomach cancer in July 2005. Most of her stomach was removed along with part of her esophagus because of cancer.

Her blog Jenny's Belly is a journal of a real cancer patient, I read it some time ago and somehow charm by her humour and courage, in spite of the daily struggle she has to go through. So I decided to do what I can as a blogger.

She is now in a cheerful spirit and she also believe in charm, Please pay her a visit and drop a note to let her know that theres a world out there that care.

Hang on there Jenny! We are with you!

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weird dream

The "milk" man strangle me from behind,
"You got to like me! I am young and handsome and rich."
"let me go! is not gonna work..."
I can hardly breath.
He refused and tighten his arm even more.
So I use '神龙摆尾' and '青龙出洞', Send him to hell.

Peculiar.. as I recall, I am more violent in the my dream.