Friday, October 21, 2005

New breed, new spieces

The world's organism is disappearing at an alarming rate, and is not like everyday some new spieces is being discovered, so there is always a good reason to get excited when something new appear in our diminishing world.

Human will not evolve anymore, but I am always surpise at how our envoirnment changes into a more interesting place to explore, sometimes I feel that living in Singapore had rob me of this opportunity to be closer to nature.

So, I use internet to do virtual exploration, sort of like captain Picard in the cyberspace.

Nature is amazing, no matter how weird a creature may look, in the eye of human, our heart usually tell us it is beautiful.

Take a look at this funny looking frog, you know what I am thinking?

I love the sea and also the fish, so I google out this new speices fish, and for the photo, I give you this new hybrid fly.

Nature is a wonder, I personnel believe that it can heal mental wounds and open our heart.

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