Friday, April 20, 2007

Pillow makes you look like you were shot in the head

Gothic PillowThese gothic pillows tempted me. That I can play a prank on my children. No, I will not play it on my wife. She might no be able to handle it. (Link)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Art of making cakes

This is a cake made to look like cokeSome baker from dunno where makes these so real that it might as well stays in the show case than on the dinning table. (Link)

Sign of snake to scare motorist from urine by the roadside

Fake snake road signAustrian authority was so fed-up with motorist who stops by the roadside to pay their water bill. They erect a fake sign. Rather. A sign to warn them about some snake that is actually not there. What I don't understand is why the hack do they allow media story coverage? Wasn't that an effective way to tell everyone? (Link)

And then what happen if it is real?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

YouTube: Japan wonder pet penguin

Wonder PenguinI am not a pet lover but I watch this clip with amazement. This penguin has become more than a pet to the family. They dress it up so it can enjoys a adventurous journey everyday. They even dump in a kiddy backpack.

It is a celebrity in that region now. I wonder what those animal activist think.


Chimpanzee are genetically more advanced than Human do

It is ironic. A report from NewScientist says that our tree climbing ancestors are in fact more developed than us, genetically speaking. So, if Human evolved from monkeys, and yet we are less than hopping around trees, bananas eating beast. Where to we go from here? Devolved? (Link)

Monday, April 16, 2007

Youtube: Japan most viewed naked complaint

He vowed to protest naked until the issue is resolve. Strikes against Honda whom fired 30.000 workers from the Nagazaki plant. The clip becomes most view today. A complaint without a face. (Video)

Encyclopedia page for Kit Kat

Kit KatDo you know how many types of Kit Kat are there? (Link)

Japan nicotine inhaler made like lit cigarette.

Cigarette like nicotine inhalerFurther down weird stuffs from Japan, you'll find this. Just one of the things smokers needed. (Link) :)

Japan Created revolution Unix product

Unix tupperware of the yearLook at this ware. I think it is da IT product of this century. Think how far it can go, or make your day here. (Link)Via Fungus Mungus.

Five thousand rabbits jammed M1

M1 Jammed by 5 thousands rabbitsThe head line is a little attention seeker. Just ignore it. This happens in one Hungary's highway, where thousand of rabbits flood the main road leading from Austria to Hungary, closing down M1 for several hours. Worst than CTE. (Link)

ID: With or without God?

Sam Chen and Intelligent DesignMeet Sam Chen, the creator of Over-whelming evidence and advocate of intelligent design. Even those whom believed had problem accepting the designed and build concept. How would the majority Christian of Singapore felt?