Friday, November 20, 2009

Laundry mayhem in my little house

Like a stream of unapologetic billingsgate I use to cursed someone during my most unforgiving age, nothing come close to act as a housewife for 24 hours. I actually dread it.

In fact, I made a analysis. Many agree housework can never be complete, but that is far from the calculation you will get from me.

Your Mum and Dad said to change your clothing everyday? Don't! You are a naughty child if you change them once per day. You see, we have 5 members in the house, shirt+shorts+socks+underwear+towelX5X7= the washing never got a rest. I excluded 5 pairs of pillow and bolster cases which we have to change every week from my mind to delude myself that's all to wash and dry. Our 7 drying bamboos have hard time keeping up with our laundry.

Oh man! I proclaim this the greatest feat of a stay-home-housewife. We need an intelligent solution desperately. No. I need the solution. 

And don't get me start on other house chores.

You can ask, off course. We think that it's fun to sent away our domestic helper home and take up all the housework ourselves.

I hate TCS8 TV series Penguin Daddy. It is so fake.