Saturday, July 02, 2005

Orchard revisit

Although I have said to avoid orchard rd, but say say only lah, and because my friend leaving for Canada soon, so what are friends for? orchard orchard lah!

while I am there waiting for them I took this picture of Taka, for what? for fun lah!

Not entirely, because this building at this angle has a percuilar resemble to a famous building. What? The Blue Mosque in Istanbul, hmm..... I think is a copycat work.

Also today orchard Rd features "The Thai Festival" where the Thai Embassy is open to public for view. I have took some picture but due to er.. security reason I cannot display here.

Frankly said, nothing much to see, not so 'thai' either.

But the stage performance is really Thai, one of the dance "sacrifice of fire" capture my view for a while as I try to finish my ice-cream with my family.

Thai dance is quite enchanting, with emphasis on gentle movement with finger and legs.

I also discover this great local talent performing, I can bet he is one of the world youngest if not the youngest Busket.
No joke! he is playing at 16 bit drum bit.

Ok ok, now is my friend's turn, just because they have beg me to put them up on site, one of them even buy me a tea.

So here we go

This is "Lizard", nice and virtue. Anyone who is interested can call 1800-MUSTBERICH
or you can transfer one million Sing dollars to my account, I can set an appointment for you, but see only cannot touch.

For gals only

Meng, call 1800-ONLYGAL, he can do any er.. sty.. find out yourself lah.


Hurryup! He is for limited time period only, available till September 2005.

All and all orchard is still the same:
~ You cannot find beggars here, don't go round hunting for them, especially don't go to the underground tunnel.
~ I will repeat this again, you cannot find hooker here, not at the road side, not at shaw tower.

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SunBath day: 50% high spirit

Blue sky, bright sun, good day to swim.

IMO, swimming is one of the best all round sport, better than joggling.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Sign Generator

I discover this at Mr Brown's site.....

Fun, should try it.

Sign Generator

The Outsource Phenomenon

In regards to the ever competition trend of various industrial, the top brain of our humankind has come out of this idea - Outsource or Bestsource. the objective is to create a competitive envoirnment for us, and the organization will reap the most benefit of it. they don't have to implement increment, stuff welfare etc, also they can "squeeze" the maximum 'juice' out from the contract stuff. Lower wages but higher job responsibility, work like hell but get peanut, what a great ideas!!

So in order to facilitate their endeavour, I crack my brain for 3 days and 3 nights. Finally I come out this ideas that I hope will help solve this never ending competition.

They are always cheerful, so no low morale problem.

you can feed them peanuts only, and they will not complain, I garantee!

Some more talented one can even become artist and produce great art work for you to make more money.

They can be train to play musical instrument although they can't sing.

Given the right opportunity, they can advance in experience and become good teacher.

The top o.1 percent of them all can fly the space shuttle craft, the American has already proven that.

Why fight war with human, where this creed are expendably. they also will not question your order and do whatever you said.

One day, maybe one day there emerge a great monkey among them all and become the saviour of mankind.

they also have the following advantage compare to man:
~ Required no lodging, they sleep on tree top
~ No need to reason with them, they can take any punishment.
~ they all look the same, so you don't have to remember them
~ you don't to pay them OT.

How was that? wasn't this the greatest idea of all time?

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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Reply to Ping

I have recently requested one of my friend to take a look at my blog and give some comments, this is what I get:

hi david

jus had some time to look at your blog.... comments?? suggestions?? there supposed to be a "lost in" theme or a "history/humanity" one?? anyway great start!!


Thanks man, although I am an amateur, I do knows what a blogger need, comments mean alot to a fellow blogger, even to the oldest blogger.

So fellow readers, read and shoot, just don't backstab me or cut my throat.

Mountain turtle of Singapore

That day I told my friend that I visited Orchard less than 10 times in my life, she couldn't believe me. What kind of a mountain turtle are you, your mind must be very shallow, like a frog sitting in the well and look at the sky(井底之蛙), narrow minded.

Since she know me for such a short period of time, I did not bother to agrue with her, but I admit to be a 山龟, with this insult I have make a mark by visiting orchard 5 times for the next 2 weeks, last saturday was my last, so now I have a count of 10+5=15 times, but I still hate it, probably because I am a more to nature guy.

But there is some interesting discovery:
~ orchard is always crowded no matter what time you go, hell! where does all this people come from? is unemployment rate higher than we thought?
~ hooker are rare here, at least I did not see one, so are beggars.
~ walking across orchard is faster than driving through.
~ it is extremely difficult to find a parking lot here, if not impossible.
~ We should build a third 'integrated resort' here.
~ if you want to see crown, you should go there.
~ you can open up a shop and sell sex toys here but you can't hold a bible and talk about God openly here.
~ if you find a place to sit and relax a while, some "guy" will approach and ask for your phone number.

We have a nation wide shortage of cloth, that many people is wearing lesser and lesser.

It has never stop to amaze me by looking at all the zombies walker along this place, they all look mindless to me, even the chicken at chao chu kang farm look more alive than them.

Lostin is a mountain turtle maybe, but no zombie. Mountain turtle is dumb and slow maybe, but unlike zombies, I can roam the the ocean, I call this true freedom.

I try my best to avoid coming here now.

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注: 有形有质必有限, 唯真爱与心不变.