Thursday, June 30, 2005

Mountain turtle of Singapore

That day I told my friend that I visited Orchard less than 10 times in my life, she couldn't believe me. What kind of a mountain turtle are you, your mind must be very shallow, like a frog sitting in the well and look at the sky(井底之蛙), narrow minded.

Since she know me for such a short period of time, I did not bother to agrue with her, but I admit to be a 山龟, with this insult I have make a mark by visiting orchard 5 times for the next 2 weeks, last saturday was my last, so now I have a count of 10+5=15 times, but I still hate it, probably because I am a more to nature guy.

But there is some interesting discovery:
~ orchard is always crowded no matter what time you go, hell! where does all this people come from? is unemployment rate higher than we thought?
~ hooker are rare here, at least I did not see one, so are beggars.
~ walking across orchard is faster than driving through.
~ it is extremely difficult to find a parking lot here, if not impossible.
~ We should build a third 'integrated resort' here.
~ if you want to see crown, you should go there.
~ you can open up a shop and sell sex toys here but you can't hold a bible and talk about God openly here.
~ if you find a place to sit and relax a while, some "guy" will approach and ask for your phone number.

We have a nation wide shortage of cloth, that many people is wearing lesser and lesser.

It has never stop to amaze me by looking at all the zombies walker along this place, they all look mindless to me, even the chicken at chao chu kang farm look more alive than them.

Lostin is a mountain turtle maybe, but no zombie. Mountain turtle is dumb and slow maybe, but unlike zombies, I can roam the the ocean, I call this true freedom.

I try my best to avoid coming here now.

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