Friday, July 01, 2005

The Outsource Phenomenon

In regards to the ever competition trend of various industrial, the top brain of our humankind has come out of this idea - Outsource or Bestsource. the objective is to create a competitive envoirnment for us, and the organization will reap the most benefit of it. they don't have to implement increment, stuff welfare etc, also they can "squeeze" the maximum 'juice' out from the contract stuff. Lower wages but higher job responsibility, work like hell but get peanut, what a great ideas!!

So in order to facilitate their endeavour, I crack my brain for 3 days and 3 nights. Finally I come out this ideas that I hope will help solve this never ending competition.

They are always cheerful, so no low morale problem.

you can feed them peanuts only, and they will not complain, I garantee!

Some more talented one can even become artist and produce great art work for you to make more money.

They can be train to play musical instrument although they can't sing.

Given the right opportunity, they can advance in experience and become good teacher.

The top o.1 percent of them all can fly the space shuttle craft, the American has already proven that.

Why fight war with human, where this creed are expendably. they also will not question your order and do whatever you said.

One day, maybe one day there emerge a great monkey among them all and become the saviour of mankind.

they also have the following advantage compare to man:
~ Required no lodging, they sleep on tree top
~ No need to reason with them, they can take any punishment.
~ they all look the same, so you don't have to remember them
~ you don't to pay them OT.

How was that? wasn't this the greatest idea of all time?

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Unknown said...

Hey, there's still one problem, Sir...

Remember "Monkey see Monkey do"?

What if the more the monkeys see humans, the more they become like another human!!!

TZ said...

oh I forget! if they 1 someone that can swim, they can get a dolphin instead.