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Telepathic Frogs

Well, not entirely telepathic, I am just exaggerating the fact.
These frogs live in a heavy waterfalls area, and because the surrounding is so fill with the sound of water clapping, that even an explosion would be hardly notice, so their croak would never got the chance to impress their possible mate.

So, what they do? They evolve and developed ultrasound communication, which the wave spectrum is beyond Human hearing capability, their ear sunken and sharpen and their pitch raise.

The researcher also said, these frogs are the first amphibians which has ultrasound ability.



Blogger outage again!!?

This is just a test post, cannot post anything this morning, wah!

National Duties

I listen in to Class 95 this morning and the mention about the match between Palestine and Singapore, I mentioned Palestine first here on purpose, Singapore loses the match and they throw in some reason that sound like a joke, or it is a joke.

They also mentioned about National Duties, such a big word, pardon my poor Engrish literacy, I have to go Google and find out.

I am surprise I can’t get anything from Google in spite National Duties being such a big word.

I finally found it at BrainBoost – not your usual answering machine. Although there never give an exact definition of the National Duty, but it do give an idea of what is it?

So, who define what constitute a National Duties, as like National Interest?

In the case of an organization, the one who pays out your wages lah! Who else?

How about in Singapore? Could it be the people gahmen winning party particular family somebody? No, no, it must be the DJ from the radio station, or else how come so many people listen to him?

Than again, I think about being a Singaporean, what are my Duties to the country? Everyday I tell my children to do his school work, my wife to cook the dinner, my domestic house keeper to tidy up the room, and oh! Enlighten me, I boss around the house because I believe I am the head and am mature enough to tell what the real interests are for the family.

I will not let my children tell me off even if they are right.

I define the Duties and Interests in my family, not my boys, they are just too *ahem* naive.

In regards to the duties here, is upholding freedom of press, freedom of speech and freedom of religion one of them here?

Then I would say that not one big man here has live to uphold his or her duties.

National Duties huh? Sound more like mercenary to me.


Thursday, March 16, 2006

Random blogosphere daily link 2

Although many spam mail are funny, like enlarge your penis, improve your sex drive etc, but spam are still spam because they are unwanted.
If you love spam like I do (for the laugh) and HATE spam like I do (for the extra clicking I have to do everyday, I'll deal with them later)

Visit Spam Gunters

I received an average of 30 spams per day, and every time it is from a different email address, although gmail did a very good job by filtering it out for me, and I do, really do enjoy reading some of them at times, but it was a freekin nuisance sometimes, why don’t this people get a real life……

lostin definitely will get a spam cube when it become available in retail.

enuff talk – (Link)

Unrelated read but read because I know you are interested:
The Top 35 Torrent Sites of 2006
35 sites leh! got so many meh?

Synthetic toy lizard that expand up to 60 times it's size

I am still amaze by this childhood toy.
Which when soak in water overnight, it could expand to a gigantic size.
Now it come with a safer material, and more colourful design, after it expanded it become soft rubber like and is easily disintergrate with a grip.

My question is: I still do not know what material it is made of?

first electronic virus that transmit by means of RFID

The RFID worms, crafted by VU Amsterdam university, I think, is the world first real wireless threat.
The researchers at the university also said, that if let loose, we can expect a world wide wireless infection within 24 hours, that is scary!

"As the wireless tags are scanned, a specially crafted tag could inject infected code into the middleware, exploiting security vulnerabilities in components such as the web server or database, researcher Rieback demonstrated on Wednesday at the IEEE Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications in Pisa, Italy."

The researchers had also put up a special web site on RFID viruses. Don't miss the real life scenarios session that explain how a RFID viruses spread from tag to animal to data bases, as I said, scary.

(Link) to the full story, and (Link) to what the experts think.

US 'predator' type technology that render marine invisible

This is not the usual cloaking that make the wearer undedectable to radar or some sort of heat tracking devices, it is also not as bulky as I initially thought it will be.
Advanced American Enterprises (AAE), a company base in California, Fullerton claims that they had finally developed this device called Stealth Technology System (STS), which can virtually render invisibility to the wearer even at close range, like 20~25 feets away.

"It's our understanding at present that, very soon, the Stealth Technology System is going to be tested on a small weaponized unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) and unmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV)."

Exciting technology isn't it? I can't wait to see it soon. (Link)

Singapore Democratic 春笋

Spotted selling at the underpass link between North Point and Yishun MRT. (the hot spot)
Out of curiosity, I grab one copy, and out of my desire for democracy, I raed.

I have to admit, this time it is a physical copy, unlike anything you read on the internet. The Uncle selling also told me he is a volunteer, without 'pay' is what he means, why they have so many freedom fighter meh? seem like more than certain party leh! part-timer izzit?

Anyway, this democratic peanut is not cheap hor! it cost me SGD$3.00 per copy.

Because curiosity don't drive a freedom warrior, nor can it feed a struggling peasant, so I cannot finish my copy. Tomorrow, it will become food paper.

Aftermath, the conversation I had with my *AHEM*

"喂! 这是我今天花了三块买的报纸, 你怎么拿去当垫底了?"
"吓! 三块! 这不是Today乜?"
"这是新加坡民主党的报刊, 不是Today啦!"
" 新加坡民主党?"
" 新加坡的反对党。。。。有乜?"

Like tat hor! don't need to vote oredi!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Pay me S$50000, I got your kids

There is a new virus on the lose now, it is able to lock your file and demand that you pay a 'ransom'.

This devil name is "Cryzip" , like you pull up your zip without noticing 'something' was in the way.

If you are loaded, watch out! (Link)

Can someone please teach me how to write virus?

Funny read:
Don't watch Mr and Mrs Smith before you get married, really. (Link)

Best porn picture on the web, Ever!

Holy sh*t! or should I say, the best creation from the almighty, ever!
But, I suspect this is photoshoped, can any expert confirm?
(Link) to the original image.

How Malaysia advertise their local idol show

Is this how they advertise Malaysia Idol?
They are creative, I tell you.

SWORDS - let the age begin!

By next year month this Star Wars like robot will be depoly to Iraq.
It is more accurate, it is faster, it is more deadly, it will not get tired.....
Whats more? this terminator is loaded with either M240 or M249, oh! they should have name it Schwarzenegger T1 instead.

The name is SWORD. (Link)

New shark species

Actually not new, it has been swimming around in the ocean for about thirty years, just waiting to be discover. (Link)

Random blogosphere daily link 1

Have you been to San Diego?
Go and enjoy Jeff's Daily Quote, see some of the beautiful pictures he has there.

Unrelated link:
Is tweety a boy or girl?
ever wonder about "I thought I saw a pussy cat!" sound sissy?

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