Thursday, March 16, 2006

Singapore Democratic 春笋

Spotted selling at the underpass link between North Point and Yishun MRT. (the hot spot)
Out of curiosity, I grab one copy, and out of my desire for democracy, I raed.

I have to admit, this time it is a physical copy, unlike anything you read on the internet. The Uncle selling also told me he is a volunteer, without 'pay' is what he means, why they have so many freedom fighter meh? seem like more than certain party leh! part-timer izzit?

Anyway, this democratic peanut is not cheap hor! it cost me SGD$3.00 per copy.

Because curiosity don't drive a freedom warrior, nor can it feed a struggling peasant, so I cannot finish my copy. Tomorrow, it will become food paper.

Aftermath, the conversation I had with my *AHEM*

"喂! 这是我今天花了三块买的报纸, 你怎么拿去当垫底了?"
"吓! 三块! 这不是Today乜?"
"这是新加坡民主党的报刊, 不是Today啦!"
" 新加坡民主党?"
" 新加坡的反对党。。。。有乜?"

Like tat hor! don't need to vote oredi!

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