Friday, March 17, 2006

National Duties

I listen in to Class 95 this morning and the mention about the match between Palestine and Singapore, I mentioned Palestine first here on purpose, Singapore loses the match and they throw in some reason that sound like a joke, or it is a joke.

They also mentioned about National Duties, such a big word, pardon my poor Engrish literacy, I have to go Google and find out.

I am surprise I can’t get anything from Google in spite National Duties being such a big word.

I finally found it at BrainBoost – not your usual answering machine. Although there never give an exact definition of the National Duty, but it do give an idea of what is it?

So, who define what constitute a National Duties, as like National Interest?

In the case of an organization, the one who pays out your wages lah! Who else?

How about in Singapore? Could it be the people gahmen winning party particular family somebody? No, no, it must be the DJ from the radio station, or else how come so many people listen to him?

Than again, I think about being a Singaporean, what are my Duties to the country? Everyday I tell my children to do his school work, my wife to cook the dinner, my domestic house keeper to tidy up the room, and oh! Enlighten me, I boss around the house because I believe I am the head and am mature enough to tell what the real interests are for the family.

I will not let my children tell me off even if they are right.

I define the Duties and Interests in my family, not my boys, they are just too *ahem* naive.

In regards to the duties here, is upholding freedom of press, freedom of speech and freedom of religion one of them here?

Then I would say that not one big man here has live to uphold his or her duties.

National Duties huh? Sound more like mercenary to me.


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