Thursday, March 16, 2006

first electronic virus that transmit by means of RFID

The RFID worms, crafted by VU Amsterdam university, I think, is the world first real wireless threat.
The researchers at the university also said, that if let loose, we can expect a world wide wireless infection within 24 hours, that is scary!

"As the wireless tags are scanned, a specially crafted tag could inject infected code into the middleware, exploiting security vulnerabilities in components such as the web server or database, researcher Rieback demonstrated on Wednesday at the IEEE Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications in Pisa, Italy."

The researchers had also put up a special web site on RFID viruses. Don't miss the real life scenarios session that explain how a RFID viruses spread from tag to animal to data bases, as I said, scary.

(Link) to the full story, and (Link) to what the experts think.

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