Saturday, December 03, 2005

Sunbath - Nowhere to go

No swimming, No class, where to go today?
Singapore so small, really not much place to go.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Nuskin's CEO elected as Chairman of WFDSA

This post do not aim to bit TODAY first, nor to promote Nuskin.
Just got the news from one of my MLM's friend, who ask me to grab TODAY on 17th Dec 2005.

WFDSA stands for World Federation for Direct Sales Association.

So great meh? I didn't even heard of WFDSA, just like IIPC, IIFWP.... sort of. MLM has really got attention here recently, so, is a new economic baby, in infant stage, isn't it?

truely the sign of economic recovery?

Congratulation hor! to mozzie and oldfox and all.
Belly belly good leh! I also envy all of you. Last time I in Navy bun have such good time, and you know what's coming next.
An advise, please be grateful and vote for them hor! otherwise their effort wasted.

Sorry hor! those 20%(just guess guess only) of outsource staff are not included.

take the route least travel and find out

Where this route leads to?
Last nite I was so curious about where this route leads to?
I got penty of time, so I find out.

Nothing great, just plenty of green, don't take.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Poem for Nov - 十一月破烂诗词 - Design and build - 种子






Historical figure Nov - never go down in history

Underworld exist, sometimes they play an important role in human history, but as we know history is written by who. We know why they never go down history.
He is 王芗斋, a martial art expert in the main land china, and is famous for inventing the matial art 意拳 or people in the field would like to call it 大成拳.
Most many martial artist in china are in some way or another involve in the underworld(黑帮) of China, but not him, he exist for the purpose of perfecting martial art.

When he was a kid, his parent send him for martial art class in hope of strenghtening this weak body. He falls sick quite often and the docter said he would 夭折.

Soon he proved them wrong, not only did he survived pass his prime age but also manage to become the greatest martial master of all time. He was never bittenin martial arts in his life time.

At his old age, he call himself 矛盾老人 which means contradictory old man literally.

He also invented the art of 站桩 for healing and wholeness of body, sort of like Yoga. I use to practice the art some times ago, this post stands to remind me to pickup again.

other article to read about martial art and China underworld -

Update: Someone has an answer on the formation of 洪門與青幫 here. How true is it?

start to have sleepless night again

Because of this few days rain, William got bitten by mozzie again.
This time round was a big one, the whole knee look like 猪脚.

Wonder how is he now?

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

new idiom from my office

Today during lunch time I accompany Mark.
"Where are the sales guys?"
"Waiting for SQ."
I still blur blur, "What SQ?"
"Always late lah!"

I dunno true or not, but funny.

visit Mark's blog at Sysinternal

Mark's Blog at Sysinternal, recently on Sony DRM
The site for computer nerds, and I know, many IT people out there don't blog.

Many of my friends also told me that blogger are dreamer, I beg to different.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

short term solution VS long term solution

The word job is crappy, really.
There are no solution to human economic, and there are also no solution to the present political situation we are in.

Poem sharing for Oct - farewell



I have many 'friends' that have leave this country for a greener pasture.

They call me a frog in the well. I wish them all the best in their future, sincerely.

(Update: I am sorry, this is suppose to be for Nov, I blog until forgot time oredy!)

My night reading dino with William

What is this?
No wonder they extinct.

Monday, November 28, 2005

MySQL all night long wasn't fun

My Mum told me to study hard when I was 7.
I should have known that she is sincere, I should had quit fishing and focus on studies.

Instead, now is my turn to tell my boy the same thing.

Listen! will you?

part time sales kids in Woodland

"Everywhere we go...o, people want to know...o
Who we are? where we come from?"
Recently a group of kids show in our HBD area, everybody know what they are selling, many auntie and uncle buy from them without asking any question. lostin also buy from them sometimes, but have some questions for them.

"You all really need to do this meh? can my boy join in or not?"

Because lostin think this profit very high, and when you come in a group of 20~30, it is no longer a joke.

Somebody must have make a tons out of this, better than MLM. In fact lostin have red eyes, he wish that his father owns a chocolate factory now so that he can ask his kids, his kid's friend, cousin, cousin's friend all mobolize for special fund raising project. In no time he will be a million.

Good idea! start saving now.

month end food rationing

Bachelor or not, many of us middle and low class Singaporean usually face a bit of anxiety during this time of the month.

That is, our salary is going dry and next one is still a few days, if not weeks away.

So, tighten our belt and ration our cold drink we must be, even to take a short bus to intrechange we also consider, biscuit and bread become our lucnh and dinner, plain water are our all time favorites.

My favorites is this we chinese call '包'.

When I start eating this for lunch or dinner, this is a sign that I am broke.