Monday, November 28, 2005

part time sales kids in Woodland

"Everywhere we go...o, people want to know...o
Who we are? where we come from?"
Recently a group of kids show in our HBD area, everybody know what they are selling, many auntie and uncle buy from them without asking any question. lostin also buy from them sometimes, but have some questions for them.

"You all really need to do this meh? can my boy join in or not?"

Because lostin think this profit very high, and when you come in a group of 20~30, it is no longer a joke.

Somebody must have make a tons out of this, better than MLM. In fact lostin have red eyes, he wish that his father owns a chocolate factory now so that he can ask his kids, his kid's friend, cousin, cousin's friend all mobolize for special fund raising project. In no time he will be a million.

Good idea! start saving now.

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