Friday, June 05, 2009

How to fuse plastic bags into laptop case

Thread Banger has a green project that teaches you to recycle plastic bags into a handy mini computer carrier. There is also a write up guide on WikiHowto, and the video was fun to watch too.

ThreadBanger How to fuse plastic bags into laptop case.

RIP, Shek Kin, Hong Kong famous martial art artist

Shek KinVeteran martial arts actor Shek Kin (石坚) (AKA Shih Kien), best known for his role as “Mr. Han” in Bruce Lee’s Enter The Dragon died this morning at the age of 96. I use to watch his martial art show on grayscale TV.

Via Pop Culture Shock.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Why you should pay Blogger more

BloggerOver at Men With Pens,

“When bloggers blog, they constantly open and close applications in their brain. Your brain can, technically, only focus on one thing at any given moment. One thing is easier to focus on than multiple things in rapid succession. What we call multi-tasking is actually your brain switching from one thing to another in rapid succession.”

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Monday, June 01, 2009

Obama Story, Manga of a boy with biggest dream

The Obama storyThe Obama Story: The Boy with the Biggest Dream by T.S. Lee. Published by Dasan Productions, the book is positioned as a children’s story for kids 8-12., a blog of book distributor Midpoint Trade Books, is hosting one page from the story a day.

PopCultureShock, Newsaranma, Manga on Amazon

Opera helps in training your face muscle

Opera 10 Alpha offers a revolution tech. Web browsing can now control with face gesture. The demonstration video shows how blow tells Opera to zoom in and suck to zoom out. When you shake your head with tongue stick out; Opera switch to multiple page view. I wonder what Opera will do if I roll my eye ball.

Opera Labs – Opera Face Gestures