Friday, September 09, 2005

Historical figure Sep - War hero

Every nation has their own war hero, But the only different between a traitor and a patriot is only 胜者为王, 败者为寇. If you happen to employ the right strategy and win, you gather man around you and become a king.

Vision and Attitude are secondary.

There is no hero in human history that never use extreme tactic, those are known as saint. They just stand there and get kill and thought hopefully someone will notice and carry on their ideal. How many saints can you recall?

Subhash Chandra Bose is one of the true patriots of India(now divided), much forgotten by many of this people now, not even known to many of us. His childhood is somewhat view as naughty. In my view point he is a very stubborn racist, and a 行动派( activist) . That is one of the reasons why he broke off from Ghandi.

This site has a quite impressive collection of Netaji.

You can also see Wikipedia Netaji or Answer Netaji, they are the same anyway.

But this song composed for him is quite nice. Taste very ‘national’.

Why he was never given a title “Father of India”? Controversial?

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