Friday, December 09, 2005

Thankyou belly belly much

Although I am not in to all this blogger fame sort of stuffs, but, If you are the one who come and read my post and check out what happen in my life avyday, I so thankyou very much.

Forgive me for my Engrish, I am learning and I know they still sucks.(some say my Chinese also sucks)

Forgive me for my critical view point on whatsoever topic, I don't have the answer to anything although I am very stubborn.

If you mind my web design, I am changing it soon and I am also looking for a good and free hosting so I can start on wordpress.(heard is good, but not sure also)

almost every blogger appreciate readership, the more the merrier, although most of the times that doesn't change their life and also doesn't really means anything.

Once again, thankyou!

Drop by again.

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