Saturday, December 10, 2005

We all will remembered this day

For this is the moment women can claim that they are the greatest creature on earth.
They went through a 1 degree higher than human pain torelance, which is grade 10 of pain and human are suppose to pass out, but instead they take it and give forth a new life. the heart of Angels.
Ruth has arrived, 1 week plus earlier than expected.
Mummy wash up, and daddy too, get ready to receive our third born. Now she is out at Mount Alvernia hostpital, waiting to join her new family. I, restless and cannot sleep, think life is that passing on the seed and nourish the world. I try my best.

The spirt and senses are heighten, except wife is exhausted from the extreme pain and after birth joy that we as a man will never got to experience in our life.

Tomorrow will be a great day for me.

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