Wednesday, December 21, 2005


So many blogger said that you should not be blogging when you are working unless your work is blogging.

How about reading blog during office hour? sure you can't do that too if you cannot blog.

I su this people!
Internet is one of the most basic research tools, most convenience, most useful, for anything.

A list of what "I hate" in Google via Interneck, entertain youself.

I Hate Men
Hails the women, they are the greatest.

I Hate Starbucks
I cannot said enough, kopi is toxic and bad for your stomach.

I Hate Horses
Not that kind of horses but real horses.

I Hate Computers
I think this is due to childhood bad experience.

I Hate Marmite
Any Singaporean still eating this?

Hate Directory
Everything you know you hate and you dunno you hate.

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