Friday, February 02, 2007

Top 6 PC gamers of the World

Lim Yo-HwanPC Gamer revealed da 6 gods PC gaming world; photo you see here is Korea “Emperor of Terran”, unbeatable when he plays as Terran on Starcraft

1. Slayer Boxer, real name Lim(Im) Yo-Hwan, the only player who won two times World Cyber Gaming championship in Starcraft matches, he has 500 career wins, a fan club of six hundred thousands members dedicated for him. (Link) to his Wikipedia entry, (Link) to his Fan Site.

2. FATAL1TY, real name Johnathan Wendel, eleven times championship in five PC games, he plays Quake 3, 4, Painkiller, Doom 3 and many other FPS, he is 24 years of age and earns a six figures income just by gameing. (Link) to his Wikipedia entry and (Link) to his blog site.

3. WM E Jang, real name Ki Nam Lee, he leads his Guild “War Machine” and won over 100 times in Guild War.

4. -=RD=- VOLX, A mysterious player who tops death match in Battlefield 2. His hit score was usually 20 thousands more than the nearest competitor; apparently killed more than 150 thousands people online, 57 thousands with hand grenades and 46 thousand s with explosives. He would be wanted for crime against Humanity in real life.

5. NEO_O, real name Filip Kubsi, plays Counter Strike; he leads his team Pentagram G-Shock and won London World series of video games, beats NiP which was unbeatable before.

6. ISTVAAN SHOGAATSU, Plays Eve Online, he stole 20 billion interstellar credits which worth 10 thousand dollars if sold in real world, a real money minded super villain in the online world. The man says, The most effective pawn is that which does not know he stands on a chessboard”.

(Source) PCGamer

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