Friday, January 20, 2006

My 3rd date with the terror of Singapore traffic

Yesterday evening my colleague dare me with his 125cc 2 wheel's 人包铁, so I did.
It took us 15 plus minutes from Tampines to Junction 8, which is faster than I expected, why do you need a bigger CC car if you cannot beat the traffic, huh?

On the ever slow traffic of the highway, I experience how he beat the turtle conjestion by swooping in between the buses, cut the corner and sometimes, a car would shave pass my knee about a few inches away.

Mu thought cannot stay still, and my feet begin to feel a funny sensation underneath, my conscious became heighten and I remember a few thing very clearly:

1. I do love my family very very much
2. The telephone number of Sharon...... my insurance agent
3. I haven't really finish Civilisation IV
4. I am no longer young for this kind of adventure

After that I stop at the nearby S11 coffee shop to get their superb home made ice lemon tea to 压惊压惊.

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