Thursday, March 09, 2006

Extreme body alteration inspired by Star Trek TNG

Drawing some fancy pictures on your body was one thing, inserting some thingy under your skin to look "cool" was another.....
Shannon Larratt new type of "body art" came about after watching Star Trek TNG, in the show where diverse type of humanroid like Klingon, Ferengi who have different facial features, Laratt find that it is interesting and once artist Steve Haworth invented a way to implant "stuff" under Human, Laratt did not hesitate.

"To install them, the practitioner uses a scalpel to make a shallow incision to the subcutaneous layer of the skin, then wields a plastic surgery device called a dermal elevator to create a channel between the subcutis and the fascia. The elevator, which looks like a tiny spatula, clears enough room for the implant, but not enough room for it to move around."

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This hippy ways of injuring your own body is more than just art, and once is done it cannot be undone.

Who wants to try?

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