Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Travel blog raed

Many of my friends has told me how great an experience was when tour in Japan, expecially the Warner's Brother World.
I am not so fortunate, never got a chance to be there.
I just wish one day I could make my children dreams come true by bringing them there.

Meanwhile, this afternoon I raed up this blog by Taiwanese girl - 菁菁!喵喵!趴趴走!!!

Her Tavel blog to Japan give me some insight regarding Japan, Blogging is sure one of greatest ideas Human ever had, where we can share our experience and all.......

Side note raed:
Blogging Tips from GOP Conference

See also - 2 pieces of "none of my freekin concern" Singapore news:
PAD tells Singapore to exit deal or face boycott
THAI PRESS: Protesters Rally At Singapore Embassy

But hor, it is good to know.

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