Thursday, July 07, 2005

Why blogging is so much appealing to me?

What has happen to me, man at my age shouldn't get confuse any more, but here I am blogging again...

Maybe I have an addiction, it is highly possible.

I have to squeeze my brain of all the reasoning juice and find a analogy for this, so here we go.

De logic:

~ An expression of self image, from the day we are born, we know that we are different. We represent an individual truth body of the universal that are:
1. Unique - cannot be duplicated, that you cannot find another 'me' in the whole universe. (ya! I know I know about the clone thing, but can't you just agree with me and satisfy my ego)

2. Eternal - come on! man! don't you want to live forever, or be forever young. (if there is a vampire out there, I invite you to come bite me, just email me.)

3. Unchanging - I can bet almost all human are reluctance to change, OK! OK! for something good we can, but once is good, we secretly hope that it would last.

4. Purpose Driven - I don't know how many blogger have a secret agenda, but I do.

~ Pro-creation
This is by far the greatest temptation of all, I mean look at the American. They do it at any place and any time. This is such a strong desire because this make sure that we cannot extinct. We enjoy it and many will died for it.

~ Freedom
We wish not to be bound, everybody want freedom, freedom to speak, freedom to choose, freedom to believe..... You can go on and on.
But I would like to express this, in freedom it come guidelines and responsibility, without it all we have chaos.

so Bloggon!

There is something here that I need to confess. When I come across web-log my 1st impression was - it is EVIL! But after I come across some really good bloggers, my mind change! here I would Like to credit some of them:

- Mr Brown deep personalities.

- Mr Miyagi (also fun but more) and kind hearted and love life.

- XiaXue (sorry I dunno what to say bout u)

- Insaintly yours (seem very 'luan') but actually highly creative and have sharp observation.

- DSng (I envy him the most) as I am an idiot when it come to arts and music.

Soooo cheong hei, ok lah, until next time.

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