Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Yesterday, Raynor and I went to see the GP together, for his long due DPT vaccine injection.
He was rather resistent initially, and started to imagine how painful it will be for a sharp metal to penetrate his arm, I can't find a word to console him.

Just before we leave our house, William, upon learning about his elder going for that kind of dreadful stuff, immidately handed one of his favourite thingy - The Power Ranger toy to his brother, we find it too troublesome to carry it to the clinic and gently reject, but he insisted:

"Give, Koko, Give!"
"Koko, take! take!"
We cannot refuse his kindness, and guess that he believes the little idol will somehow give his elder the courage and protection. Sure enough, Raynor never shear a single tears throughout the injection. After we are home, William admire his brother tiny wound with plaster on it, as if he is the hero of the family.

"Koko, pain? pain?"
"Koko no pain! like mozzie bite like that."
I cannot take this event off my mind, and I believe it will stay with me for many years to come.

William is only 2 and a half now, turning to three this coming May.

I envy you, Raynor.
And I wish I could become a brother like you have now.

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