Wednesday, May 03, 2006

lostin the philosopher's question, Dumb!

Inspired by the latest BBC news (Link), I, too, present you with 4 no answer dumb question, which I hope you, will not have to face it in your whole life.

1. You lead an expedition to nowhere, half way through you faces an obstacle, and you have two choices: A) either all pass through or all die, 50 50 chances, and B) Sacrifice half to save the other half, 100% chances. What would it be?

2. You are a doctor caught in a plane clash, 2 patients, who will soon die within 3 minutes if not attend to. Who would you save? A) The one and only monkey in the whole world, and B) Your nation economic minister.

3. You are trap on an island; your only source of food was some miracle fish that swim pass that place regularly. You know, every fish you eat would kill a villager in the near by fish village, which also rely solely on the fish for survive. How long would you eat the fish?

4. The “great almighty” appear before you, offer you with a monthly pay check of 1 million dollars (US$), the catch, every time you draw, 10 people would suffer in hard ship and poverty. How long do you intend to draw?

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