Friday, May 05, 2006

Day of Reckoning – How to vote?

This dreadful day has fallen upon me.

This day I will have to decide the happiness of my wife, children and myself.

This day is the bird day of my Missy and my second son.

I made 3 mistakes in my life that I need to make amend:
- I dictate my family too much, every time only I talk, they cannot talk, now evrything is going to explode.
- I enjoy my life to much, only buy good things for myself, but my family take the lowest grade staff.
- Every decision made in the family, it is from me, not body else, that is going to change.

There are a few choices available to me; I would have to weigh them carefully.

1. Electrical appliances – practical and useful, proven to work in the past, but I scare my utilities bill after that will go up leh! especially with some heavy duty one that draw a few hundred kilo juice per month.

2. staff and tools – I have been eyeing that hammer for sometimes already, well, they are off course useful, but end up I will be the one who is doing all the work.

3. Jewels and thingy – my missy like that star of freedom, which promise that they will shine for us, and the stall is also near to our place, easy to follow up. I told her, I afraid good to see, not good to eat.

4. The furniture – my friends at Potong Pasir told me they have this for a long times now, they are very comfortable with it and highly recommend some to me, I am still thinking about it.

By tonight I would have to decide, Electric, Hammer, Jewels or the old Furniture in Potong Pasir, They are all so appealing, hard choices.

But, some how, I still have another choice, If I for some reason, not stupid hor! Cannot decide on which item to buy, I can always do this:

Electric X
Hammer X
Jewels X
Old furniture X

I can abstain, although sorry to wife and William.

For those interested in the Chinese version: (Link)


Joanna said...

for a minute, i was trying to link up electricity with elections. I get the full picture now.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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