Thursday, June 15, 2006

War ‘strolling’ with lostin at Bugis

Actually it was supposed to be war driving, but since I don’t drive, hence war stroll.

After I finished my shopping at Sim Lim, friend and I went to MacDonald for a quick bite. I wanted to inform wife about late coming home, so I take out my Nokia 6260.

Something peculiar appear on my MP, a sentence says: “Bugis Junction”. I enquiry this with the fast food manager but she have no idea.

We went over to the shopping mall area for a walk and the words changed to “Wisma Alsagoff” and then “Bugis Junction 1B”, quite powerful AP around this area.

I am curious and decide to test its limit, so OG we go.

While crossing the road the network change again, this time was “Bugis Village”. Ho, ho! There is no escape. Friend told me this could be use to track criminal carrying electronic gadget in the vicinity. I imagined there was some one sitting in front of a PC with a walkie talkie.

“Eagle one to fox two. Target lostin now at “OG Albert Complex”, proceed to seal off all entrance. Over and out!”

Singapore 3G network huh! I think soon they can tell when you visit Geylang.

So much so for privacy!

Update: This morning when I was working, my phone show: "XXXX Building", I got even more "curious". I called M1 and clarify. The technical support told me, this is not any kind of 3G AP or GPRS tracking, it is only a base station broadcast service provided by M1. You can turn it off if you want. She also told me that there will be no tracking of any kind. I don't buy it, but nonetheless I will leave it "on" because it's interesting.


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