Wednesday, September 26, 2007

China student invented machine that extract water from air

water machine in ChinaKim(金国勇)’s condensate machine, inspired during dough, extracts about 2 liter of water in 24 hours. This machine, although in its preliminary form, already got patent and research is underway, intriguing, can’t wait. (Link)

Update: got it, similar technology from Europe, The Max Water

Update: Similar tech in Singapore, China is not the first. (Link) Thanks, fergus.


Details: said...

I thought Hyflux already have that years back? I drank before those water from the machines placed in IE Singapore office before.

TZ said...

hmm.. if I have not mistaken, Hyflux technologies is about reverse osmosis, which purify even sewerage water.

I never heard any news about them having machine that extract water from air.

Care to point me to the sources?

Anonymous said...

This is the one Paddy was talking about :)

Called the Hyflux Dragonfly