Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Missing Link

Followed by the discovery of a fossil skull claim to be the "The missing Link" (Link)
Now the Science Menuscript for the missing link is also up for sales at one million bucks. (Link)

So, when Scientist finally prove that Human is the descendant of apes, the next logical step would be to develop a working theory about the purpose of Human life, and also a 'logical' step which you could fulfill your real meaning of life.

Wasn't the Scientist great? They are working so hard to prove that we are 'animal', to also tell us that our life is nothing more than just living according to our natural desire, like having sex to whom ever we like, killing others to ensure own survival sort of, can all be justify if we are merely animal.

Great! At least we can all throw away our idol worship.


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