Wednesday, March 29, 2006

What drive a million to demonstrate?

Singapore is a ‘peaceful’ country, to see people walking to the street and protest about some policy the gahmen has made exist only is schmoosing, never in real life.
Even with such a great scandal like NKF saga didn’t drive people to the street, all we do are setup some anonymous, cowardice online petition and ask people to come and sign, anonymously.

Maybe Singaporean are just to gentle, maybe we are all so well taught by our precedent that violent and demonstration will not solve problem, whatever it is, our nation are all well and calm, for now.

To be frank, at this moment, I wish that I was in France; after all, it is not in your every life time that you get to witness a million people, walking down the street, shouting and waving banners for some policy the gahmen had passed.

Especially in this nation, where our leaders announce and celebrate our economic well being, our people are contented and dream of an appealing society, open and inclusive type of government rules. Street demonstration, be it large or small scale, should only be in far away tales heard on TV and radio only. (Link)


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