Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Best selling drugs indicate sign of human emotional status?

Forbes reveal the list of top 10 best selling drugs in the whole World.
ZYPREXA and RISPERDAL, which both are use to treat Schizophrenia patient, got my attention. Although the former has a negative growth of -6.8% but the latter has its sales growth by 12.6%, almost double.

I am not sure of whether our GP in Singapore give out antidepressant meagerly, but the growth of sales for EFFEXOR is only 1.2%. (Link) and (Link) to the slide show of 10 best selling drugs

What happen?

Is it because the World population is growing? Or there are more and more people becoming crazy?



paulynn said...

You macam very free at work or whatever hor?Everyday also can update ur blog...Where u work har?erm...ur boss,that Mr what what lor,hor?I'll inform him that you're a very 'hardworking' worker and to remind him to hand you more 'important' jobs...

TZ said...

Ya! you're right!

I must be crazy!

Better blog less!

Work more important