Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Dumbass official demand 'OS' be remove from the server

Recently my boy got interested in the Window envoirnment, so I try to explain to him about the Operating System and its function. I am surprise how well he take it in, hmmm...儒子可教。

Today I came across this news tread that an 'engineer' with 22 years experience, off course computer literate, demand that a real Engineer from CentOS remove Linux from 4 of their PC.

Company City of Tuttle, Oklahoma, even stated this as a criminal act as like 'hacking' and threaten to filed a report to the FBI.

Ooo...h.. this is better than Stephen Chow's movie, more hilarious than Jim Carry acting....

(Link) even to his last breath, this 'experience' engineer still insist that he is right! Gosh!

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