Friday, September 30, 2005


When we come to think of the world, the nation or the family, we think of our children. It is them who will shape and determine the future of Singapore.

Tomorrow is Children’s day, the day where we celebrate our future, although there is still no paradise in the country, in the world that we live in, yet deep in our inner most soul we still desire to have more children. Without this desire human would cease to exist in merely a hundred years.

I express my humble opinion:

Protect our children
As Singapore society has started to open up, so do our government’s policy. Drugs, violent, sexual immorality soon will no longer a far away street story. Soon after the IR is build, more tales we will hear, please protect your child.

Teach them the right thing
Would you allow your children to engage in any immoral acts? Then what kind of an environment have you built thus far? Tell them that this is a worthy world for them to stay alive and keep fighting. Give them a cause.

Leave behind a better world
In order for them celebrate a better children’s day next year, and the year after, and not just only worry about the ever increasing daily living. Re-light and re-emphasize our family value, the base of our strong society.

This is just some thoughts dedicated to our children of our age.

Happy Children’s Day to all of you and….. My children!

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