Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Can we change our fate?

I refer to Dr James Dobson in TODAY:focus on the family

I am neither a Scientist nor a Doctor, but…..
Is it the usual way that they mention about all this without acknowledging that we human had a spirit within? Is it really so Un-science to talk about human soul? More than 80% of the world does believe that we have an eternal self, no?

One can said that gene plays an important role in determine the next generation, one can also said that you are rebellious and your child carry a rebellious blood, but can our scientist map out our ‘rebellious’ gene in the future? It is easier to accept that we inherit this ‘heart’; children resemble you because you also pass down part of ‘inner self’. Or else we could rely on genetic engineering to alter our “bad” cell, and hence justify cloning of human.

Human can and will become better from the merit of ages, wasn’t there many great man and women born from blood of commoner? I said we and our generation can become better through a constant cultural revival and soul search daily, no matter how bad we are.

Criminal will not always be criminal, one do have a choice in shaping our future.

You make a choice, few generations later you make a different.

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