Monday, September 26, 2005

pink just doesn't works for me

Recently I notice something about myself.

There wasn’t any pink in my life. Pink colour is totally like an alien to me since my childhood, I neither like nor dislike but I just sort of miss any possible chance to associate with it, seem like fated.

My deep soul searching also awakes me, I actually hate PINK. Not that this colour was usually connected with childish and sissy stuff like that, but sub-consciously I unknowingly repels pink.

I even forbid my wife in putting on by: “oh! This color doesn’t suit you.” Something like this. In my house you cannot find anything that is pink, if I see someone wear pink to work, it secretly spoil my day.
Someone told me: “粉红是脆弱的颜色
I am going to have a daughter soon; will I ever learn to love it?