Wednesday, January 25, 2006

DVD Animation Review: Titan A.E

Some times ago movie which was not a very big hit in Singapore.
However the graphic: @@@@ excellent in the DVD, if you like star wars kind of movie. The visual effect it present in this DVD is breath taking especially when watch at a big screen. I don't have one, but a 29 inch TV with all lights turn off and all kids asleep was not a bad movie either.
The Storyline: @@@ a Hostile alien races trying to chase and hunt down a teenage boy who genetically holds the key to unlock the Titan, which this project could be the last hope of mankind to a new life. This kind of story was so so only.
The Education value: @@@ about how a ordinary teen discover his gene holds the hope of the future and struggle through all odds and make it happen, inspiring enough!

Spoiler: An awsome name for a planet - Bob.

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