Thursday, January 26, 2006

Spirit or Science - which way human will choose?

The ultimate purpose of human race is to seek happiness, evybirdy should agree with this. Is there anyone who wakeup in the morning and tell yourself that you want to be unhappy, unfortunate, and try to find some misery on the way?
Throughout human history, Science and Religion has yet to see harmony. During the most influential time of Catholicism, many great Scientists were prosecuted and some were even burn to death in the name of the scripture, the same thing happen to many religious figure.

We are living in a very different age now, where you can see collaboration among the Spiritual people and the Scientist.

Read Buddha on the Brain, by Wired where Dalai Lama was invited to give a speech at the Society for Neuroscience's annual conference. I would very much like to get hold a copy of that speech, this is about humanity leh! Anyone have please email me, Thankyou first hor!


johan said...


Some famous guy - I think it's Deepka Chopra said, "God created the world and then the devil created religions."

And I agree, because - as you have said - they have all killed many 100's of thousands of people "in the name of god".


TZ said...

Thanks Johan for your sincere comments, however, I would very much like to visit you blog to show my appreciation percsonally.

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