Thursday, May 11, 2006

Sound like a kult theories to me

The most authentic interpretation of the Bible, the Astronomer of the Vatican Pope has spoken:
That God created the Universe in 6 days was a Myth, that if you say God is a magician you are superstitious. (Link)

So, Brother Consolmagno, I am too KPO and need to ask some stupid questions, just ignore me if you cannot answer, after all, you all are the boss, can said whatever you think is right.

The fruit, in the garden of Eden, that brought about sin to the whole world, is not real, right? Because for million of years there never exist a fruit that contain "Original Sin".

There is no talking serpent, hence Adam and Eve "eat the fruit" at their own account, right?

Nobody can survive 3 hours in the stomach of a whale, so Jonah make up the story, but why?
He wanted to make God more real to the layity? Out of good will, or he delibrately lied to gain his prophetic status?

Last but not least, Science has proven how a baby is concieved in a mother. The question, who was the biological father of Jesus? Or Heaven send a sperm that was as resilient as Tartigrade, and crawl its way into Holy Mather Mary's womb?

I tell you, please believe that the Bible is true, all the changes made by whoever in history are God's will, the lost scriptures are not important, sounds familiar?

Although you never heard it, but God has spoken to so many in history, the Bible has the record.

So many question.... So many doubt....... ahhh, please go and study your Bible and pray, is all there, don't listen to me.


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