Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Sorry boys, Da Vinci code is not for you.

So, MDA has decided that Renaissance Man is just too "Naked" for our kids in Singapore.
The movie Da Vinci Code has been rated NC16 by the "majority" of the censors board members, I guess "majority" means 50 or more members, and include people from different religious background like Muslim, Hindus and so forth, or else how can it be a fair rating view? (Link)

You know what I mean, Christian and Catholic are generally against Dan Brown, In The US, they even take legal action against him, and the "facts" that Leonardo Da Vinci may be a gay was more so disturb the public.

MDA also afraid some children might see it as a factual movie, this is 狗屁不通!

Santa Claus is fictional; we should ban all books and movie that contains myth about Christmas.

Power Ranger and Pokemon are not real, stop them from showing at Kids Central, or at least rate them NC16, sorry, should be NC7. My child is 8 and he thinks Blaziken is real.

What about the Ark of Noah? None has seen an Angel and yet it is taught to our future generation throughout the world that Jesus is golden hair and blue eyes and wears clean white robes. Who had seen all this?

Lets also destroy all 孙悟空 (Monkey God) statue we come across, because he was merely a fiction literature makeup, not to forget about books and movie that talk about Thunder God and so forth......

My guess is MDA rate this movie because of "Religious" concern, Facts: about 12% or more of Singapore population is Christian and Catholic, and you know, many are high official.

What MDA means? if you are a Christian and Catholic for a certain number of years, you will be so "well inform" about the "facts" in the scripture that you have no doubt anymore. You will not ask question like: What happen if Jesus Christ had a bloodline?

But hor! I am neither pastor nor bishop, I guess guess only, you should think yourself.

The best age for the development of critical thinking started at 3 and peak at 16, after that we gradually bog down by our social regulation, nation duties and too much waste of spirit kind of activities.

Please do not put up another wall for yourself, they have the rights to go and buy the DVD and watch, learn and compare.



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