Thursday, October 06, 2005

I cannot live without my gahmen

William is like our gahmen, any action or word that is slightly against his will, he surely sue you.

His favourite words are:

“Papa ort-ti(naughty)! Mami ort-ti! Koko ort-ti!”
(like everybody is against him!)

I want milk milk and Na-na!”
(ribe-na, and yes, you must make one milk and one ribena for him to choose. **FAINT**)

“Go back! Go back!”
(As in when you offended him anywhere even at home)

“Hm-ga! Hm-ga!”
(Universally means power ranger, super hero or monster etc.. he invented one!)

I know, I know, as a father you are not suppose to whine about you children, but this type of 又好气又好笑又温馨 memory, how can I not blog about? In case I get old and become Dementia, this can be electronically deposit somewhere...

Occasionally our gahmen will share with us his toys, sweets and joy, than start to tell us that this is just a little price to pay for patriotism.

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