Friday, June 30, 2006

You hate my post?

I have a post at which title "Do you really believe literally the Bible?". It was meant to be a joke but it seem to me that someone couldn't take it and start to spasm me.

Although I am not bother by it and certainly don't know who is it, but I sincerely hope that he/she is not a Christian, because that would tarnish the good name of Christianity.

At first, I have a good time editing the comments. After a while the fellow show no sign of stop, instead, the number of spam increases to about 20 per day, what a compliment!

As much as I think that Christianity is a very comfortable religion, I will not offend them intentionally. My casual attitude about life must be the cause.

I have deleted the rest of the comments and disallow future's.

I am sure my rumbling never cause any impact in the blogosphere, I mean, if you know the number of visitors on my blog.

But, if you prefer, you can continue to spam me here.

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